SEA OF THIEVES Forsaken Shores - Release Date Trailer 2018 - Open World Pirate Game

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The DLC features a new region named Devil's Roar. The land will periodically erupt and shake due to the volcano centered on it. Expect geysers, flying rocks, and water hot enough to kill pirates in the new areas. Because of the boiling water surrounding the volcanic isles, the update will also introduce rowboats that players can use to safely reach the shore.
The update also introduces new merchant missions called Cargo Runs. Players will have to transport important cargo from one place to another and do it safely. Broken rum bottles, wet cloth, and dead plants are signs of a trip gone bad. Take good care of the cargo until it's reached it's destination. Additionally, players will gain a new flag. Flying the Reaper's March will mark their ship's location on the map and make it visible on everyone's map. Perfect for the pirate looking for some PVP action

Release: 19 September 2018 / Pc, XboxOne

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